EdenPure Heater Not Heating

Ads for EdenPURE mobile infrared heaters promise energy savings of around 50 percent. This article will examine the claims made by EdenPURE’s producer and expose what many claim is that a scam. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. In case a electric space heater can cut energy consumption by 50 per cent, then the government might want to encourage the merchandise in order to break America’s dependence on foreign petroleum. The EdenPURE heater is a few times as expensive. Issues of security, durability, and return on investment must be considered prior to buying one of the portable heaters in the marketplace.

The airflow is diminished or if the heater does not turn on, the user can try doing a hard reset by unplugging the heater turning off the heater and waiting at least 45 minutes . The user must ensure the fan turns off before unplugging it from the socket before doing a hard reset in a heater that is already running. The user needs to confirm that it is put on a rug or carpeting as opposed to a hard surface like tile if the heater is not heating the space efficiently.

An power cord, diminished airflow and heat that is inadequate suggest that the filter may have to be cleaned. Users must press the tabs of the filter cover to remove the filter, so until the water comes off clear running warm water over it. The filter ought to be permitted to air dry prior to being placed back in the heater. Users may also change the heater into a different outlet to fix issues, and they ought to avoid plugging the heater into an extension cord. The infra-red element isn’t glowing red and if the unit isn’t heating, the heater to replace the element cans start.

EdenPURE heaters offer a safe alternative to heat generated by burning gas, such as kerosene or propane, or electrically energizing a string of components. The infrared heating component in an EdenPURE heater excels on a metallic plate, and it radiates heat that is carried by air convection through the space, once the plate warms up. The casing of this heater is safe and cool to touch. EdenPURE heaters are not difficult to maintain.

The Heater Will Not Switch On
EdenPURE heaters are intended to operate at temperatures of less than 75 degrees F, so it can be because the space is too warm, if your furnace will not turn on. The heater also might not operate when you’ve saved it in temperatures and it hasn’t had time to heat up. You should check the socket into which it is plugged. It may be dead, or, even it might be tripped if it’s a GFI. Check the filter. The heater will not operate if the filter is currently impeding the flow of air. It will also turn off when tipped.

The Heater Won’t Turn Off
The heater is programmed to run for a short time after you turn the dial to the “off” position. If it continues to operate for a period that is longer than seems reasonable, unplug it and leave it unplugged for 30 minutes. This will make it possible for the temperature detectors to reset. If the heater continues to run once you plug it back in, the on/off control could be malfunctioning. While it’s possible to buy a spare dial from the manufacturer and replace it, it is prudent to go back the heater for service that you don’t void the guarantee.

The Room Doesn’t Heat
If the heater is not heating properly, the fault may be even a heating component or a dirty filter. Look through the front of the heater, and if you do not see the characteristic red glow of this element when it is plugged in and on, replace it. The heating characteristics also depend on the kind of floor the heater is currently sitting on and how well the room is insulated. Concrete and tile flooring tend to absorb more heat than carpeting or hardwood flooring. It is also possible to try the heater from an interior wall.

Other Factors
The infra-red heating element in an EdenPURE heater may draw up to 1400 watts, about the same as a resistive heater. The breaker may not be large enough for the heater if you find that the circuit breaker is continually tripped by it, or the circuit may be overloaded. You shouldn’t use an EdenPURE heater at a moist place like the bathroom. Even though some versions are equipped with a humidifier, the metallic heating plate cans corrode, making it ineffective.

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